• C72


CJY-C72 board with Intel 945GSE + Intel ICH7 chipset, integrated Intel Atom N270 1.6GHz / 512KB / 533MHz processor, support DDR2 533 memory, maximum capacity 2G, integrated graphics chip GMA950, support VGA, LVDS, support a 100M from Adapted to the network port, support a serial port, 6 USB2.0, support 2 SATA, support AUDIO 97 audio interface, with EC control, support AD / DA, GPIO, power management, support 4-wire touch screen, Slab USB to SD interface, the board size is 140mm * 110mm.
This product is small size, low power consumption, high performance, low cost, full function, EC control, more powerful interface and monitoring management functions, with a small interface board, flexible design, suitable for small chassis applications, widely used in set-top boxes, Automotive, POS, terminal, information inquiry terminal, multimedia music broadcasting system, vending machine, multimedia inquiry, information appliances, instrumentation, industrial equipment and other embedded areas.


Product Features:

* The board Intel Atom N270 CPU, 1.6GHz / 512KB / 533MHZ

* Integrated graphics chip GMA 950, support CRT, LVDS support 4-wire touch screen

* Supports DDR2 533, a DIMM slot, maximum capacity 2G

* Support Mini PCIE interface, scalable 3G interface

* Support 100M adaptive network card, RJ45 interface,

* 1 serial port, 6 USB, 2 SATA IDE interface,

* Support EC control power management, support for AD / DC, GPIO, matrix health disk

* Support 12V DC power supply, power generation 


Product Specifications:

Structure: non-standard structure, 140mm * 110mm,

Processor: Intel Atom N270 processor, 1.6GHz / 512KB / 533MHZ, thermal design power 2.5W

Chipset: Intel 945GSE + Intel ICH7

Memory: 1 DDR2 SODIMM slot, support DDRII533, maximum capacity support 2G


EC: support power management, AD / DA, GPIO support 8 × 16 matrix hard disk, support for GPIO

Expansion port: 1 Mini PCIE interface, scalable wireless card

Video: integrated GMA950 display core, support D × 9.0C, core frequency 400MHZ, maximum 224MB dynamic memory a standard VGA interface, an 18-bit LVDS interface

Touch: support 4-wire touch interface

Audio: Standard AC97 audio chip, 2/4 channel output,

Network: 1 10 / 100M adaptive network connection

Storage: IDE: 2 SATA 3GB / S interfaces

           1 MINI IDE interface

SD: 1 USB port

Parallel port: 1 standard parallel printing port

Serial port: 4 standard RS232 interface (1 com seat, 3 groups com pin)

USB: 6 USB 2.0

PS / 2: support PS / 2 mouse disk interface

Power supply: 12V / 5ADC

Working environment: working temperature 0-60 ℃, humidity 5% -95%

Storage temperature: -20-70 ℃

OS: Windows XP / Vista / 2000, Wince DOS, Linux, Unix