Intel 7 Series Motherboard e68
  • Intel 7 Series Motherboard e68

Intel 7 Series Motherboard e68

Product picture processor Intel? I7, I5, I3 series LGA1155 interface support dual core, 4 core, 8 core CPU PCIE high performance 16X maximum thermal design power (TDP) 500 W the top HD6970 2G DDR5 high-end graphics, 6G bandwidth of existing Intel hyper threading technology Yes?


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Intel? I7, I5, I3 full range of LGA1155 interface

Support dual-core, 4-core, 8-core CPU

PCIE 16X high-speed performance

Maximum Thermal Design Power Consumption (TDP) 500 W

Currently the top HD6970 high-end graphics card 2G, DDR5 6G bandwidth existing

Intel Hyper - Threading Technology

Intel Virtualization Technology (VT-x) Yes

Enhanced Intel SpeedStep? Dynamic Energy Saving Technology Yes

Support 3 different screen display

chipset Z68 high performance integrated bridge
Support 8 pcie 1x or 2 pcie 4x or 1 pcie 4x plus 4 pcie 1x
Storage device

Memory: DDR3 standard slot                      
               Number of memory channels 2
               Maximum memory size (depending on memory type) 64GB
               Hard disk capacity: resources 4 SATA, can be composed of RAID.

Display device

LVDS socket output X1                      
               VGA signal output X1
               HDMI output X2
               DP output X2
               DVI output X2

Audio equipment Standard HDA audio bus, ALC662 5.1 channel audio output.
Video equipment

HD6970 graphics card, 2G GDDR5 6G speed, 512 bits.                      
               Support DX11 hardware acceleration

Network equipment INTEL 82579 Gigabit Ethernet chip
Power supply Power: Input ATX 500W
input device Support standard USB3.0 interface input and output devices
Interface device USB interface: USB3.0 × 2 group output bus can be external touch screen, WIFI, BT, GPS, 3G module. Video interface: FPC40PIN jack × 1 Power connector: ATX UART Serial port: Uart x 4
Module support WIFI module support Yes
3G module Yes
GPS module Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Camera module Yes
Wired network card Yes
Other USB communication modules Yes
Operating system support Support Windows XP SP3 Windows 7
           Support for each version of Linux (Red hat Ubuntu, etc.)
Dimensions 6
Use the environment Working temperature: 0 ~ +70 ℃, working humidity: 20% -80%
           Storage temperature: -20-60 ℃, storage humidity: 10% -90%
Platform features HD6970 super computing performance
           Support the highest specification I7, super general purpose calculation
cooperation method  
Other development cooperation