• C31


C31 embedded PC104 board, using the embedded N2600 microprocessor, onboard 2GB DDR3 SDRAM, with 1 44PIN/2.0mm hard disk interface board; 1 card interface; 4 RS232 standard 9 wire serial port; 1 standard VGA interface, 4 USB, 1 TFT LCD interface, 1 LVDS interfaces; AC97 2 bus standard I/O; interface; 8 TTL input, 8 TTL output; standard PC/104 interface. Serial port and network interface are designed with anti EMI.SW-3569A board has high integration, small size, complete function and low power consumption. It can be widely used in various embedded intelligent devices, such as electric power, environmental protection, medical treatment, intelligent transportation, network communication, public transportation and so on


Product Features:

● Embedded in the board N2600 microprocessor

● Onboard 2GB DDR3 SDRAM

● 1 10 / 100M network card, to adapt to the simple network applications

● 4 USB2.0

● 4 COM ports (standard 9-wire serial port, COM3, COM4 also supports RS485 mode)

● Onboard VGA / TFT LCD / LVDS display interface

● HD AUDIO audio bus standard

● Single 5V power supply

● According to customer requirements, cut some of the features to meet the actual needs of customers

Product Specifications:

Structure: Embedded PC / 104 industrial computer motherboard structure

Processor: Embedded N2600 microprocessor, 1M secondary cache, clocked at 1600MHz, dual-core 4 threads

Chipset: N2600 + NM10

Memory: 2G DDR3 SDRAM

Watchdog timer: SIO built-in WATCHDOG, 128, 0 ~ 255 seconds, generate RESET signal, interval 2 seconds

Network: 1 REALTEK 8139DL 10 / 100M network card interface

SATA interface: 1 SATA

COM interface: 4 RS232 standard 9-wire serial port, COM3, COM4 also supports RS485 mode

USB interface: 4 standard USB 2.0 interface, support USB boot

Display interface: a standard VGA interface, a TFT LCD interface, an LVDS interface

AUDIO interface: AC97 2.0 bus standard, support MIC IN, LINE IN, SPEAK OUT


RTC: included in the South Bridge chip, support CMOS settings to save data

LED indicator: power, hard disk indicator

Bus interface: Standard PC / 104 interface (optional)

Power requirements: AT power interface, single 5V power supply

CE design: serial port, network interface are used anti-EMI design

Printed circuit board: 8 layers

Operating temperature: - 20 ℃ ~ +70 ℃ without interruption, low power CPU without fan

Relative humidity: relative humidity 5% to 95%, non-condensing

Size: Complies with PC / 104 standard size, 96mm x 115mm