Z670 core board, easy customization
  • Z670 core board, easy customization

Z670 core board, easy customization

Shenzhen Cjoyin electronics core Z670 core board series by INTEL Z650, Z670 series tablet computer special CPU. Integration of HDMI, SATA and other Tablet PC dedicated interface, support hardware HD decoding. Ultra low power consumption, can be used for tablet computers, one machine, ultra small computers, LCD TV and other applications. C50 uses the core board mode, the interface board as long as the double-sided board, so the production cost of the interface board is low, our company can open all the interface board production information to the customer reference.Upgrade guarantee:INTEL if you have the same series of upgraded version, our company will track the series of products, and for customers free upgrade CPU. And ensure that the interface is unchanged.


Product Features:

◆ The board Intel Atom Z670 / 1.5G

◆ integrated graphics chip GMA600 / 200Hz / LVDS + HDMI output

◆ support DDR2 800, onboard memory, not afraid of vibration, the maximum capacity of 2G

◆ multiple USB interface, can support 3G, WIFI. And other external interfaces.

◆ support 100M adaptive network card, RJ45 interface,

◆ 2 serial ports (can be extended to 6 serial ports), a SATA IDE interface,

◆ support EC control power management, support AD / DC, GPIO, matrix matrix disk

◆ support a single power supply, low power consumption. The overall power consumption can be <5W

◆ height <= 4.6mm, suitable for Tablet PC


software support:

OS: Windows XP / Vista / 2000, Wince DOS, Linux, Unix, MeeGo

  Expansion board introduction:

Interface introduction

SATA X1, USB X4, 3G interface, LVDS interface, HDMI interface, SDIO interface, RS232X2.

  cooperation method:

★ can provide all the interface board design information.

★ custom interface board for customers to debug, until the completion of the sample.

★ special users can provide the core board OPEN BOM way.