Computer motherboard manufacturers tell you what are the characteristics of embedded computer motherboards

Time:2020-08-04    Article published:Web【BACK】

Embedded computer motherboards have been widely used in the industrial field. This is mainly because embedded computer motherboards are smaller than ordinary commercial motherboards and have more PCL ports, so more expansion devices can be connected. In order to let everyone have a deeper understanding of embedded computer motherboards, the following are the main features of embedded computer motherboards compiled by computer motherboard manufacturers.

1. The power consumption of the chip is relatively low

Since embedded computer motherboards are mostly used in industrial equipment, they often need to work continuously for a long time, so it is necessary to solve the problem of high temperature of the product during long-term operation. For this reason, embedded computer motherboards use chips with lower power consumption, which can save energy and reduce consumption during use, and can effectively avoid excessively high temperatures due to long-term continuous operation.

2. Stronger environmental adaptability

Embedded computer motherboards are designed for the characteristics of industrial sites. Therefore, after the embedded computer motherboard is installed and used on the host, it can effectively adapt to various industrial production environments. Due to the high temperature and high humidity in some industrial occasions, some industrial occasions have severe vibration and dust. However, embedded computer motherboards have special designs that can adapt to these different environments.

3. High stability and low failure rate

Embedded computer motherboards are mainly suitable for design and industrial projects, so both structural design and production materials are very particular, so after use, it can not only improve efficiency, but also because of its high stability, the failure rate is very high during operation. Low, can reduce the maintenance cost in use.

The above are the main features of several embedded computer motherboards synthesized by computer motherboard manufacturers. It can be seen that, in order to make the equipment better run, companies must know which is the best embedded computer motherboard. Purchase suitable embedded computer motherboards from high-quality and reliable manufacturers for assembly and use to make the host run more stable.