What is the difference between industrial and common motherboards?

Time:2020-07-20    Article published:Web【BACK】

  What is the difference between industrial and common motherboards? Today, let Shenzhen Xinjieying Electronics tell you!

  First of all, the function of the industrial control motherboard is different it is specific needs, functions are specific, and the functions of the general motherboard can meet the needs of the public;

  Secondly, stability, industrial control emphasizes stability, to ensure uninterrupted operation without failure; General purpose motherboards need dazzling functionality and cool performance.
  Third, work and different materials, industrial control motherboard general use environment is very bad, the design needs to be anti-interference, material can withstand a wider temperature, in order to ensure a long time stable operation; Common motherboards used at room temperature, material quantity and quality is not as strict as industrial control motherboards.

  Four, different life cycles, g-kong motherboard is frequently used in medical equipment, data monitoring, production and manufacturing, equipment, education, etc., this situation requires equipment can stable operation for a long time, may also need long-term, stable supply of goods, some g-kong motherboard can reach more than ten years, life cycle and ordinary mainboard is updated frequently, can meet the demand of mass iterative, almost every year will launch new products.