What are the selection skills of industrial computer motherboard?

Time:2020-07-06    Article published:Web【BACK】

The current industrial automation field, will not break away from the large-scale application of the industrial PC motherboard, and the output of the industrial PC motherboard is still increasing year by year. Now some INDUSTRIAL computer motherboard manufacturers in order to save costs, reduce the price, can be tenable in the market, will not only reduce the number of boards, but also in the industrial computer motherboard with materials accessories have corresponding adjustment. How should people choose the type when buying an industrial PC motherboard? Industrial computer motherboard manufacturers rely on many years of industrial motherboard production experience, here to share three aspects of experience.

1. View the "I/O Interface" section

Industrial motherboard, I/O interface part, have reflected the direction of the motherboard and provides the functionality, although for the majority of users, double card provided by the I/O interface, such as 1394 interface may not be able to use, but for the user when needed, it is more important, at the same time, industrial PC motherboard sometimes affects the number of USB use feeling, relatively rich high-end motherboard interface is also provided. After all, the user has to pay for the configuration of any part of the I/O interface. There is no need to worry about unnecessary interfaces, but if needed, users should pay attention to the "part" of the I/O interface.

2. Check the motherboard type

Industrial computer motherboard manufacturers introduced that the types of industrial computer motherboards are divided into large board and small board, even in the large board, there are several types of differences. Users should note that different ipC motherboards have different PCB costs and expansion performance, which will affect the price of ipC motherboards. Among them, the integrated motherboard chooses chipset with high integration, and its basic characteristics are more concise layout and lower manufacturing cost. Industrial computer motherboard manufacturers recommend the type of motherboard required for industrial production.

3. Check work materials

The production of industrial computer motherboard business materials mainly from two aspects: PCB (printed circuit board) business production, THE quality of THE PC board color basically remain unchanged, good finish, general appearance of luster, good quality. The general standard for the number of PCB's is four or six boards, but the quality of six boards is much better. The process for SMT components is determined primarily by observing the mounting accuracy of some components to determine whether the motherboard is technically superior. Standard components are accurately positioned without deviation.

How to choose industrial computer motherboard? When selecting the Industrial PC motherboard, the type of motherboard and the material of the motherboard, the I/O interface should be viewed. At the same time, the choice of chipset is the issue that needs to be considered when choosing the industrial PC motherboard. The motherboard chipset provides different support and different price, which is not only a high-end and complete choice. It does not have the functions of a high-end motherboard, nor can you choose a motherboard that is not suitable for you because it is cheap.