Can industrial control motherboard be used as a computer?

Time:2020-06-29    Article published:Web【BACK】

Industrial computers have the attributes and characteristics of ordinary computers, such as computer motherboards, Cpus, hard disks, memory, peripherals and interfaces, operating systems, control networks and protocols, computing power, friendly man-machine interfaces, etc.

Many people wonder if industrial computers can be used as ordinary computers. The answer is no. They have different application environments and different motivations. The specific reasons are as follows:

1. The industrial control main board is relatively hard

Industrial control computer is mainly divided into FIVE types: PC bus industrial computer, programmable control system, distributed control system, fieldbus system and CNC system, but no matter what type, its hardware is the solidification design. The interface, the style, is designed, it's hard to change, and the computer, by contrast, is very flat and inappropriate. In addition, industrial computers will usually be dusty on the road ahead, with good waterproof performance and closed design. Compared with the "open" design of computers, industrial computers are not applicable.

2. Single software system

The computer is generally installed Windows operating system, has a mature software ecosystem, audio and video entertainment. Industrial computers prefer Linux, Unix, and other open operating systems.

Linux and Unix don't have a unified software ecosystem compared to Windows, but every enterprise has set up support facilities, so it's easy to form closed systems with strong system security. Moreover, the products of the same enterprise at different times are incompatible. The closed ecosystem of software systems allows IPC to focus on things that are monotonous and specific, such as traffic signal control, facial recognition, data analysis, etc.

In addition to many people's doubts about whether IPC can be used for computers, there are also many people's doubts about whether computers can be used for IPC. Again, the answer is no. Another characteristic of IPC is its durability and adaptability to various harsh environments. If you use a computer as an IPC to process images. Computers will not be able to work for long periods of time, resulting in outages, but also large delays, unstable code streams, large screen noises, and other disadvantages.

With the diversification of applications, especially the emergence of 5G, autonomous driving, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and other new technologies, the use of industrial PC is becoming more and more professional. Perhaps its hardware performance is not the best, but the application effect is the best.