Embedded INDUSTRIAL computer in the future rapid development!

Time:2020-06-22    Article published:Web【BACK】

Embedded system is undoubtedly one of the most popular and promising IT application technologies. Its application field is getting closer and closer to people, especially with the embedded of intelligent consumer household appliances becoming more and more important. Such as mobile phone, PDA, electronic dictionaries, visual telephone, VCD/DVD/MP3 player, digital camera (DC), digital video camera (DV), U disk, set-top boxes (SetTopBox), high-definition television (HDTV), game consoles, intelligent toy, switch, router, nc equipment or instrumentation, automotive electronics, household appliances, medical equipment, aerospace equipment, control system is a typical embedded system.

However, with the development of embedded technology, industrial control products based on embedded systems have become the development trend of the industrial control industry in recent years, with large volume, miniaturization, low power consumption, fanless design, adapt to the harsh working environment and extensive advantages. Rapidly gaining traction in emerging markets, the original market for the traditional IPC rack "OneWorld" is changing dramatically.

Compared to traditional IPC, embedded IPC is application-centric and based on computer technology, thus cutting down on both software and hardware. Suitable for special purpose computer systems with strict requirements on application system functions, reliability, cost, volume and power consumption. It usually consists of embedded microprocessors, peripheral hardware devices, embedded operating systems, and user applications. It is used to control, monitor, or manage other devices.

The main advantages of embedded IPC are as follows:

(1) The product features good adaptability and scalability, but it is not the main purpose of expansion, so it is cost-effective;

(2) The miniaturization of the device is one of the main manifestations, reflected in the compact design. There is no reference standard for structural design, and external interfaces and reasonable utilization of installation space should be fully considered;

(3) High reliability requirement. On the basis that the electrical function meets the reliability design, the reliability design contents such as heat dissipation design, electromagnetic compatibility design, dustproof and waterproof design and vibration resistance design should be considered seriously;

(4) Ultra-low power fanless design becomes the mainstream. Due to the miniaturization of equipment, heat dissipation capacity is limited, and embedded system MTBF (mean failover time) is also very high, especially in unattended applications, ultra-low power fan-less design has become a trend. Must be.

At present, the number of embedded industrial PC applications has far exceeded the traditional industrial PC. Manufacturing, process control, networking, communications, instrumentation, automobiles, ships, aerospace, and military equipment are all applications of embedded industrial PCS.

Embedded industrial PC develops rapidly and replaces traditional industrial PC products in many fields, but industry experts believe that embedded industrial PC cannot completely replace traditional industrial PC. First of all, the position of embedded IPC in the whole measurement and control system is often in the front end, while the upward connection of embedded IPC is often the traditional IPC, whose computing power, software resources, database support and other aspects are difficult. Achieved through embedded IPC. Secondly, in the construction of large-scale system, embedded IPC cannot replace the system expansion capability and network communication capability of traditional IPC. In addition, traditional industrial computers have inherent advantages in industrial visual design, process monitoring, data statistics, scientific calculation, prototype simulation design, ring simulation and other fields.

In general, the future market development prospect of embedded industrial PC is very optimistic. Entering the era of big data, the market potential of embedded industrial PC is quite huge. Embedded industrial computer data acquisition work is the most front end, the application of Internet of things is the most users are the information for small monitoring and control, rather than expanding its more wide application, and now with the help of the Internet is so powerful foundation platform, can be in after the operation, the optimization of processing information, provide a wider range of applications, this is industrial products on the Internet of things can play an important role in cloud computing applications.