Tablet PC and large size TV assists, LED backlight market surge

Time:2017-09-20    Article published:Web【BACK】

Led backlight

At this stage, mobile terminal devices such as smart phones, tablet PCs for backlight products, and more concentrated in the high efficiency and low heat to meet the high battery utilization and long life considerations; Secondly, smaller The size of the program can also be adapted to the requirements of portable equipment. In addition, these electronic devices also require backlight products to adjust the brightness of a wider range to adapt to changing applications.

From the market point of view, the future growth of LED backlighting will mainly come from the Tablet PC market driven. According to the LEDinside survey report pointed out that the growth of LED backlighting market in 2013 will continue to focus on the Tablet PC products, according to forecasts, Tablet PC's overall shipments in 2013 will grow substantially to about 130 million units, And Tablet PC a listing that is imported LED backlight, there is no CCFL light source to replace the problem, therefore, the application of the Tablet PC LED backlight market will become the main force, this part of the required LED backlight driver IC will become a military battle To the ground.

Improve integration, to adapt to miniaturization

For the application market including tablet PCs, Li Rui, director of regional sales for Semtech, believes that LED backlighting products with higher performance and more competitive packaging will continue to appear on the market. Correspondingly, semiconductor IC manufacturers will also introduce highly integrated and high-performance LED driver unit to meet these new requirements. At present, Semtech's LED backlight driver products to meet the LED backlight from 10mA to 600mA current wide range of requirements, in addition, according to the size of the LCD panel, the corresponding product can drive 1-10 string lights, that is, 1-120 High brightness LED lights.

Semtech's LED backlight driver products include the SC440 / 1/3 and SC5010 / 2/4 series. Li Rui said, which SC44x series is a highly efficient, highly integrated LED driver program, simple and efficient architecture can adapt to a variety of different applications. SC501x series is an integrated I2C function and phase adjustment function of the efficient program, through the I2C communication, the designer can easily carry out the backlight panel drive design, to meet the brightness ratio of 5000: 1 product requirements, and through the phase The adjustment function module can also optimize the efficiency of the overall power supply, providing less power supply noise and lower EMI solutions.

Semtech will focus on portable products, including tablet PCs, to develop chips for next-generation LED backlighting with the goal of maintaining high performance while further improving efficiency and smaller, while growing demand for small and medium size LED backlighting. Package size.

TV size expansion, LED backlight number increased

In addition to the Tablet PC market, the demand for TV LED backlighting market is expected to increase. This is mainly due to the ever-expanding TV size, according to statistics, the next few years the average TV size will increase from 38.6 inches in 2012 to 40.1 inches, to this end, LEDinside that LED TV size will have the opportunity to drive the average number of LED backlight products Of the increase, which for the 2013 TV LED backlighting market has added a lot of imagination.

Overall, it is expected that 50-inch, 55-inch and 60-inch TV will gradually increase the proportion, and drive the LED backlight market demand. At present, large-size TV to the side into the type of machine as the main design, 50-60 inch LCD TV backlight at this stage the number of about 130-150. Another trend of concern is that the current manufacturers generally use 4K2K high resolution (3,840 × 2,160), to make up for the shortcomings of large-size TV resolution shortcomings, and TV panel resolution will also improve the LED backlight module brightness Requirements, and this means that the same size of the TV used by the number of LED backlighting will likely increase by three to five percent.

To 32-inch TV used in the white LED backlight number, for example, thick-type panel module structure of the aircraft about 21 LED backlight particles; light straight down products about 40-44 range. In the 46-inch TV products, thicker panel module structure of the models used about 72, light and straight down products about 80. The 50-inch TV products, thicker panel module structure of the models used about 100; 55-inch TV products with light and straight down the use of LED backlighting about 130.