Intel displays quad core Bay Trail Tablet PC

Time:2017-11-27    Article published:Web【BACK】
    Intel doesn't make tablet computers, but it might do that. On Monday's Computex keynote, the company presented a thin, Microsoft like Surface tablet computer. But the difference is that, the tablet uses a quad core Bay Trail chip, and running the Android operating system. As the company redesigned the Atom chip, the performance of Bay Trail was promoted to the position close to the mainstream notebook computer processor (compared with the old Atom).news3.jpg

Intel演示了一款形似Surface RT的平板电脑。注意到Surface样式的支架和可拆卸键盘了没有?里面是四核Bay Trial芯片。


"四核、乱序执行、HD 4000显卡、以及全天的续航时间"——Intel在展示期间说到。据英特尔的发言人所述,这款参考设计平板是由比亚迪电子(国际)有限公司代工制造的。这家公司也制作了惠普的Slate 7 Android平板。做演示的伙计在平板上同时演示了Android和Windows 8游戏。在Android上,他演示了Candy Rush,而在Windows 8上,他演示了Steam上的Torchlight II。谈到游戏图形的时候,英特尔称之提供了"Clover Trail"3倍的性能。另外值得注意的,还有英特尔的新款4G/LTE芯片。