The application of education industry

Time:2017-09-20    Article published:Web【BACK】

Core education industry dedicated mobile tablet support integrated integration, multi touch technology. Rich resources, in accordance with the discipline knowledge system, integrates a large number of pictures, materials, audio-visual materials, animation teaching aids, courses and other basic resources, as well as examination paper, literature, teaching cases and other resources to expand.


Core education industry dedicated mobile Tablet PC program product assembly dual frequency high speed WIFI module, 4G whole network module, GPS module, 64GB hard disk, using 10.1 inches IPS original handwriting capacitive touch and high-definition eye screen, and Docking keyboard, etc.

Through the rapid production of interactive multimedia equipment, lecture notes, notes, virtual simulation tools and student learning tools, teachers and students to meet the individualized teaching and learning needs and interactive needs, improve teaching efficiency and effectiveness.