Application of government affairs industry

Time:2017-09-20    Article published:Web【BACK】

The special mobile industry core jieying tablet computer fully supports the second generation ID card, fingerprint collection and non touch type IC card scanning, to ensure the uniqueness of identity, effectively protect the file information security, and achieve quick start system, applications and files etc. Front camera, can play the role of multi-party video conferencing, rear camera can be convenient for high-definition video conference recording.


Special core mobile tablet computer program product assembly jieying chief industry WIFI module, 4G module, fingerprint module, 5 million rear camera, two generation ID card module, memory expansion card support, support 10.1 inch IPS highlight the original handwriting handwriting capacitive touch and Docking keyboard.

The past file browsing technology: you can always access the past file from the database, understand the information more quickly and effectively. And compatible with OA office OFFICE software, save the written preparation before the meeting, data information transmission efficient and orderly.