Application of financial industry

Time:2017-09-20    Article published:Web【BACK】

Mild integrated tablet computer (F4 or F5) collocation another integrated two generation ID card reader, fingerprint reader, contactless IC card reader function devices, together constitute a set of financial industry development plan, to go out to meet or fixed office use.

A high degree of integration, to meet all the functional requirements of the financial industry, and some functions can be selectively equipped with more human, product positioning of customer satisfaction without increasing the project cost; highly integrated convenience higher, especially for out of the exhibition industry, greatly improve the working efficiency.07-1.jpg

Core financial industry dedicated mobile Tablet PC program product assembly WIFI module, 4G module, fingerprint module, rear 5 million cameras, two generation card module, support expanded memory card, support 10.1 inches IPS highlight handwriting, handwriting capacitive touch, and Docking keyboard, etc..

Support modular design, customized services according to the actual needs of banks, support identity card reading, fingerprint collection, chip and magnetic stripe financial card, real-time input of customer data, hardware encryption. The computer is in two in one form, the keyboard is separated from the body, and the keyboard is equipped with a hardware encryption module. The magnetic contact is connected or disconnected from the body instantly, so as to realize the special encryption scene requirements. Highly integrated design technology focuses on a financial tablet. And the integration of 4G full Netcom function, to achieve a variety of financial mobile units out of work, easy for banks to provide users with user-friendly services.