Application of 4U in voice calling system

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Automatic voice system is a combination of computer technology and telephone exchange technology, at the same time multi-channel call monitoring voice over the same time, the contents of the computer call will be converted to digital information to voice files stored on a variety of storage devices

System Overview 

Automatic voice system is a combination of industrial computer technology and telephone exchange technology, simultaneous monitoring of multi-channel recording voice recording, by the industrial computer to convert the call content into digital information, voice files stored in a variety of storage devices, through Industrial computer processing can be retrieved through the user interface or telephone search query, the query voice files can be broadcast directly by sound card or telephone. Research for the science and technology embedded industrial computer products with a well-known domestic enterprises voice card, developed a stable, efficient and cost-effective automatic voice system has been widely used in many provinces and cities in many industries and their products have been widely used by users Recognized.

System functions 

• Online real-time recording function:

The system can start the recording function, record the monitored user and automatically save the recording contents, date and time information to the hard disk for inquiry.

System voice real-time monitoring function:

The user can monitor the channel of any call currently in real time as needed.

• Query, playback function:

You can query and play recorded voice files as needed.

• Manual / automatic dump function

• Remote query and diagnostic maintenance functions


Research for the solution

Industrial chassis: 19-inch 4U rack-mounted industrial computer

Impact coefficient: 1.5G acceleration, duration 15-20ms (storage, 3.5G acceleration, duration 15-20ms)

Seismic coefficient: 5-1 7HZ, 0.1 Double peak displacement: 17-500H2, 1.5G peak-peak acceleration

Safety: UL / CSA / TUV / CE / FCC certification

EMI: Complies with FCC / VDE Class A standards


Industrial Motherboard YPG-8290

Adopt Intel G41 + ICH7 chipset, support 800MHz / 1066MHz / 1333MHz FSB;

■ Support LGA775 Core2 Extreme, Core 2 Quad, Core 2 Duo, Celeron processor;

■ 2 DDR3 memory slots, DDR3 800 / 1066MHZ dual-channel, up to 4G;

■ RTL8111DL network card, providing two Gigabit Ethernet ports

■ 2 COM, 8 USB, 1 CF card, 4 SATA, 1 IDE

■ Industrial backplane YPG-6114P12 (expansion) voice card)

■ hard drive 1T