Cjoyin - focus on customer requirements, efficient and stable X86 motherboard

Time:2017-09-20    Article published:Web【BACK】

Shenzhen Cjoyin electronics co. LTD. since its inception in 2009, has been focused on X86 platform motherboard development. At present, the main projects related to industrial motherboards, tablet motherboards, special industry board and other special applications based on the X86 platform. Core Jie Ying is very focused on the special board-level applications, mainly for customers to customize special features, special environment board-level applications, especially good at custom motherboards, special application development, the current customers in Germany, South Korea, Hong Kong and other places. Core Jieying efforts to make the user's ideas into a reality of the product, willing to become the customer's design R & D center, intimate for customers to solve product design and manufacturing process encountered any problems. Core Jie Ying's industrial motherboard program is more biased in the limited space, interface location constraints under the application. Core Jie Ying can be customized according to customer needs special structure, special features X86 board. Core board core Jie Ying X86 development will be the most complex part of the core board, and the interface and some of the more simple functions integrated in the floor. This is whether the core of the development of their own, or the information provided to the customer to develop their own development cycle, the development of the difficulty will be reduced accordingly. In addition, the core of the company itself has a dedicated BIOS R & D engineers will be based on the customer floor configuration corresponding to modify the BIOS code, if it is the basic functions and core Jie Ying company has mature BIOS module function, will be free to customers to modify the BIOS, so that customers There is no worries. In this year, the core Jie Ying customized difficulties for customers, the cycle is relatively long, and the interface is uncertain, developed a N2600 core board, mainly from other platforms, the core board ideas. Using Intel's new CearTr