Application of Surveying and mapping industry

Time:2017-09-20    Article published:Web【BACK】

1、Simple text annotation and graphical annotation, convenient for the industry patrol personnel to quickly label the quality problems, reduce the workload of the internal arrangement, improve work efficiency.

2、Using a key note export and a key note import, flexible and convenient to view the quality record content, and targeted modifications.

3、It is convenient for the external inspection personnel to score the results quickly, calculate the deduction automatically, and check the result by one key.

4、Quick scene direct photo annotation can reflect the annotation more intuitively.

5、Customized user reports and Word, Excel input and output interface, and the integration of internal and external auxiliary inspection system of digital surveying and mapping results.

6、Modification of convenient sample data. Check the sample data instead of paper map directly dials archive file search, convenient inspection items.


The special mobile tablet computer program for the surveying and mapping industry includes WIFI module, 4G module, Beidou Positioning &GPS module, standard USB interface, outdoor visible LCD, pen support, light three proofing design, and Docking keyboard.

Support outdoor measurement, handwriting vectorization, data acquisition, a key note, site confirmation, etc.. High Definition HD screen, normal operation under outdoor sunlight. Portable operation for convenient patrol personnel. Through touch fast mapping, on-site one-time completion of the internal and external operators and the contractor to implement the right information. Magnetic keypad notebook mode can be directly data collation, standard USB fast and portable data exchange. A key note import and export technology, flexible and convenient to view quality records content, and targeted modifications. The pen annotation technology, quick scene pictures directly notes, notes more intuitive response.