Application scheme of compact multi serial industrial control computer in intelligent traffic control system

Time:2017-09-20    Article published:Web【BACK】

System overview:

Intelligent traffic control system is a service system based on industrial computer, which is oriented to transportation and vehicle control. It is characterized by the collection, processing, publishing, exchange, analysis and utilization of information as the main line, the transmission data of multiple serial ports provide diversified services for traffic participants. The main use of high performance and good stability of the industrial computer to make the traditional traffic mode become more intelligent, more secure, energy-saving and high efficiency.03-1.jpg

System description:

Twenty-first Century will be the century of highway traffic intelligent people will use with high quality, high performance, good stability of the industrial control computer control system for the intelligent transportation infrastructure high-tech industrial computer system, which is the integration of human-computer interaction in an intelligent traffic management system. In this system, vehicles rely on the built-in intelligent control system to drive freely on the road. The road is adjusted to the best state by its own intelligent system. With the help of this system, the management will master the whereabouts of the road and the vehicle clearly.


System application:

Vehicle control

A system that helps a driver to drive a car or replace a driver to drive an automobile automatically. The system installed in the front of the car and side radar or infrared detector, can accurately determine the distance between the car and the obstacle, in case of emergency, the on-board computer can alarm or automatic brake to avoid, and adjust the speed according to the road conditions, known as "smart car".

Traffic monitoring and management

The system is implemented by distributed implementation and centralized management. Install a computer in front of each section of the industrial computer through a built-in gigabit network interface and serial interface with isolation protection monitoring, establish independent alarm system, and then use the 3G/4G/5G high-speed wireless network, the access will be independent of the various subsystems to monitor management platform. If the monitoring and management platform has been configured industrial storage server, the traffic control department can also through hierarchical access system, the video surveillance video retrieval and online viewing of various sections of real-time supervision and management. This hierarchical network monitoring system realizes the integrated, integrated and multi angle integration of the traffic system, and provides a powerful security guarantee for the public traffic safety. Become an indispensable part of the traffic management system. The implementation of traffic management monitoring connection through the serial port (RS232), connected to the display, the bus mode can be RS485, Gigabit Ethernet and other connections.