2013 IC out of stock and rise in price

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  Shenzhen Cjoyin electronics co. LTD Focus on X86 platform motherboard development. The company has hardware design, motherboard design engineers, BIOS software engineers, EC software engineers, application design engineers, and so a full range of senior engineers, and has a sound test process and test equipment. Company to the quality of the fundamental, customized for the efficient and stable X86 motherboard. Especially in the Tablet PC, notebook computers, custom PC, advertising machines, small servers and other products with a strong customization.

Company philosophy:

Our company specializes in a variety of customized products, we will be your idea into a real product. We are happy to be your design and development center. Intimate for customers to solve product design and manufacturing process encountered any problems.

Our problem with our customers is our problem. We are anxious customers anxious to solve the customer's worries. Provide the most timely and efficient service. Quality is always the eternal main line of our company. For customers to create the most stable motherboard.

Main business:

At present our company's main business for the X86 motherboard customization, advertising machine motherboard customization, POS machine motherboard, small server, tablet motherboard, car computer, one machine motherboard custom, military computer, special computer and other computer peripherals custom design.