Application of military and police industry

Time:2017-09-20    Article published:Web【BACK】

Core jieying mobile law enforcement tablet solutions include law enforcement tablet hardware and built-in law enforcement system, 3G, RFID (915M) NFC, Beidou / GPS dual mode, one-dimensional code / QR code scanning, fingerprint identification, The original handwriting handwriting and other multi-module optional, effectively play a fast, portable and efficient electronic operating system advantages to help law-enforcing the legitimate supervision and inspection, in a timely manner to detect, stop and correct violations.

Core Jie British military industry-specific mobile tablet program product assembly fingerprint module, 4G full Netcom module, GPS & Beidou positioning, rear 500 million camera, second generation card module, IP67-class three defensive support IPS highlighted original handwriting handwriting capacitive touch, And Docking keyboard and so on.

In view of the particularity of military environment, it can ensure the stable operation of flat panel in harsh environments such as desert, smoke, rain, vibration and overheating, and provide a safe and reliable solution. At the same time to meet the US military MIL-STD-810G, waterproof, dustproof grade to IP67 level, seismic, impact. Multi-module coverage, 4G network, Bluetooth, GPS & Beidou, one-dimensional / two-dimensional code, fingerprint recognition, RFID / NFC, to ensure the program for military command, emergency support, military logistics, transport of dangerous goods and other sectors.