Company to the quality of the fundamental, customized for the efficient and stable X86 motherboard
芯杰英电子Shenzhen Cjoyin electronics co. LTD focus on core board X86 development platform. The company has hardware design, motherboard design engineers, BIOS software engineers, EC software engineers, application design engineers and other senior engineers, and has a perfect testing process and testing equipment. The company regards quality as the foundation, and makes the high efficiency and stable X86 mainboard for the customer. Especially in the tablet PC, notebook computers, customized PC, advertising machines, small servers and other products have a strong strength of customization.公司Idea: our company focuses on customized products, and we transform your ideas into products. We would like to be your design and research center. Close to customers to solve any problems encountered in product design and manufacturing process. We insist that the customer's problem is our problem. We worry about the urgency of customers, understand the worries of customers. Provide the most timely and efficient service. Quality is always the main thread of our company. Build the most stable motherboard for customers.
Main business:
At present our company's main business is the X86 motherboard customized advertising board customization, POS motherboard, small server, tablet computer motherboard, motherboard onboard computer, machine customization, military computer, computer and other computer peripherals reinforcement special custom design.
Our advantages: Electronic Design: after years of development, we have successfully developed a variety of modular design methods...


  • 兆芯ATX商用主板
  • C521电脑主板
  • c1888整机
  • ZX-C701 自主可控COME核心
    ZX-C701 自主可控COME核心
  • 龙芯平台方案
  • 龙芯平台
  • 电脑主板C898
    C898主板是深圳芯杰英电子有限公司专门研发的一套基于Intel Ivy-Bridge平台的开放式、多功能、低功耗、高性能的电脑主板,如图1所示。 采用Intel Ivy-Bridge 核心22nm系统级芯片
  • 嵌入式主板方案E028+C1168 正面
    嵌入式主板方案E028+C1168 正面
    E028主板是深圳芯杰英电子有限公司针对平板专门研发的一套基于Intel x86架构的开放式、多功能、低功耗、高性能的嵌入式主板方案,如图1所示。